Insulated Concrete

Global warming, limited resources, energy cost, all of these concerns are on our minds more than ever.  Constructing homes and buildings today requires a lot of research and planning to utilize the most energy efficient, cost effective, environmentally friendly building products available.

We placed our first Thermomass cast-in-place foundation in 2004 and continue to do so today.  We are certified Thermomass installers for both cast-in-place and tilt-up applications.

Thermomass insulation sandwich wall systems have been available for over 30 years, for cast-in-place, tilt-up and precast applications for both above and below grade use.  Thermomass is a closed cell insulation system placed between 2 layers of concrete all connected by structurally designed fiber connectors, eliminating any thermal bridging.  The system allows you to utilize the thermal mass of concrete; inside heating and cooling is absorbed into the inner layer of concrete, kept from escaping by the closed cell insulation and returned to the inside of the structure.  Outside heat and cold are kept out the same way; once the heat or cold reaches the closed cell insulation it is blocked from entering the structure.  Structures built utilizing Thermomass Systems are extremely energy efficient, meet LEED requirements, and are less costly to maintain.

Utilizing a Thermomass sandwich wall system eliminates the need for any insulation on either the inside or outside of the concrete wall as well as all of the problems that go with them.  Mold/Moisture/bug problems as well as the fire hazard of insulation go away when the insulation is embedded in the middle of the concrete wall.

The typical wall system is a 4”-2”-4” configuration for cast-in-place; 2” of insulation is sandwiched between 4” of concrete on each side resulting in a 10” thick wall.   The thickness of the insulation and concrete on either side can be changed depending on what the client is trying to achieve either thermally or structurally.  We offer assistance to architects, engineers and builders in the design phase of any structure utilizing the Thermomass System.  Contact us for more information.