Having worked for several years as a general contractor, Dennis Purinton decided to form his own company specializing in cast-in-place concrete. Purinton Builders Inc. was incorporated in 1984. Within two years Dennis added site work operations to the business.

In 1998 Dennis' son Michael joined him full time. Shortly thereafter they transitioned from a wood forming system to Western Forms Aluminum Forming Systems. This allowed Purinton Builders to form and pour higher quality, smooth walls with curves and angles. After researching many insulation systems available for concrete foundations (both above and below grade) Dennis felt the best option was Thermomass Insulation Systems. Purinton Builders placed their first Thermomass insulated foundation in 2004.Around the same time Dennis began working with Tilcon, CT to develop environmentally friendly, "green" concrete mix designs, utilizing replacement cements and fly ash, and continue to work today improving upon mix designs for cold weather concrete as well as Pervious Concrete.


Dennis was honored to receive Contractor of the Year in 2007 from the National Concrete Foundation Association in 2007.   Today Dennis serves on the Executive committee of the board of directors of the CFA. In addition he is a voting member on both the ACI 306 and ACI 332.

Company officers:

Dennis Purinton-President and Treasurer

Michael Purinton-Vice President

Gayl Purinton-Corporate Secretary

Purinton Builders Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.